Color Protect

Protects the colour of dyed or highlighted hair, reviving its nuances and brightness. Prevents redox action that eventually decreases the brightness of the hair, leaving it radiant and luminous.

Vitaserum complex

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Thermal water

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The chemical processes used for dyeing the hair, with time, damage the capillary fibre. Dyeing results are never permanent, for the exposure to agents such as sunlight ends up distorting their action. The simple fact of washing the hair, as well as its exposure to any other chemical processes, contributes to a progressive loss of the applied colour.
The COLOR PROTECT range counteracts the action of all these elements which damage the hair and reduce its colour intensity, dulling its shine. Includes natural extracts that help not only to protect the colour but also to enhance it and improve it, thanks to the increase of shine and natural smoothness of the hair.

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