Hair exposed to damage summer


Sun care

Prevents the action of specific external harmful agents such as solar radiation, salt from sea water or chlorine from swimming pools, and it does it delivering a holistic solution for all phases of a comprehensive care:

Expert opinion

Sun radiation, chlorine chemical action and salt water cause a deterioration of the tissues responsible for the moisture and softness of the capillary fibre. The first noticeable effect is hair drying. The frequent and continued exposure to these external agents causes a loss of the hair’s natural smoothness and silkiness.

The SUN range is designed to fight the action of these elements through a 3-step system: protection, cleaning and repair/nourishing. Based in a complex of Keratin and Sesame Oil (a strong, natural photo-protector), its formulas nourish, moisturise and renew the hair damaged by the sun, chlorine or salt water, leaving it softer and healthier.