Many hair types have tendency to become greasy due to an excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

Factors such as high temperature of the water during washing, the use of hairdryer or excessive stimulation of the scalp, aggravate this problem. This hair type needs a very specific care and quite more often.

PURE FRESH PURIFICANTE range achieves a refreshing, deep cleansing of the hair with a tendency to get greasy.

It removes the grease, as well as residue from pollution or hair-styling products.

It stimulates the scalp and relieves itching and irritations, relaxing the skin tension and preserving the capillary fibre’s natural balance.

Weakness and loss of vitality in the capillary fibre have several causes such as heredity, diet, chemical treatments like dyeing or aggressive shampoos, heat application (straightening irons or hairdryer), ageing of the hair follicles, etc.

The weakening of the hair structure and the lack of root irrigation, caused by these agents, lead to the first signs of hair loss.

The VITALITY REVITALIZANTE range offers a gentle cleaning at the same time as it strengthens and invigorates the capillary fibre.

It restores its natural balance, stimulates its growth and revitalizes the hair leaving it shiny and much more resistant.

The frequent use of shampoos and conditioners or, in some cases its aggressiveness, can cause alterations of the capillary fibre’s natural balance.

Depending on the hair type as well as the applied product, it may be dehydrated or get greasy.

The NATURAL NEUTRAL pH range allows a frequent cleaning and conditioning of sensitive or normal hair, without damaging its health or balance.

It keeps the optimum level of moisture, shine and vitality. Its soothing properties relax the stressed out, sensitive scalp.

There is a certain hair that doesn’t require a specific care, since its natural characteristics are normal in terms of moisture, shine, resistance, vitality, etc.

The indicated treatment for this hair type is a gentle cleaning that doesn’t alter the natural balance of the capillary fibre, and an increasing of its vigour.

The ENERGY TONIFICANTE range strengthens the capillary structure and provides the shine and vitality of a healthy hair, leaving it more beautiful and renewed.