The exposure to different internal and external agents affects the natural humidity level as well as the hair’s hydro-lipidic balance.

From diet or genetic factors to environmental pollution or the action of dyeing and hairdryer.

The capillary fibre may become easily dehydrated losing its natural properties such as elasticity and shine.

The NUTRITIVE INTENSE range is formulated to help nourishing and moisturizing the hair deeply.

Its active ingredients provide the optimum level of moisture that the hair needs for being healthy, shiny and smooth, contributing to improve its look and beauty.

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The loss of the hair’s natural shine is caused by several agents such as: dehydration by the use of hairdryer and straightening irons, sun radiation and atmospheric pollution, normal deterioration or application of aggressive treatments on the hair, etc.

The normal, daily activity also affects the hair’s health and shine, being especially noticeable in long hair.

The GLOSS INTENSE range restores shine and provides extra luminosity even to healthy hair.

Its formula restores the balance of the hydro-lipidic layer, moisturizing the capillary fibre deeply and regenerating its surface.

Achieves a hair with a silky touch and an extraordinary shine.