Solid shampoos organic

Made by master craftsmen only with vegetable oils that clean deeply by removing accumulated debris allowing the hair to breathe naturally.

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Silicone free

Expert’s opinion

Classical liquid shampoos are made of detergents and other industrial components such as silicones, which give good cosmetic results but that are artificial and accumulate unwanted hair debris. Herbal Bionature’s solid shampoo doesn’t accumulate any residues and lets the hair breathe, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and act within the hair fibre. Using it regularly, a clean and healthy hair, a pleasant experience with the texture of its foam and its natural aroma and a purifying feeling when rinsing are achieved.

The hair has to gradually get used to the change which involves the use of a solid shampoo cleaning routine. It is only several days after this cleaning routine has started, that the residue congestion produced by detergent-based shampoos will go away. Depending on the type of hair, you may notice a feeling of roughness at first, but over time the hair fibre acquires more ease, softness and natural shine.

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