The passion for natural extracts is Herbal Hispania’s raison d’être. Ever since its inception Herbal Hispania had a very clear vision of where to be within the cosmetic sector and its brand values: maintaining a strong link between Mother Nature and skin and hair care, providing high quality products based on the benefits of plants.

Since then, the strategy and efforts have focused on combining state of the art dermo-cosmetic technology with the results that natural ingredients provide in this field. The goal was to create effective products that, at the same time, were a source of pleasure for the senses, thanks to their therapeutic and aromatic properties as well as being especially kind to the skin, hair and the environment. This objective has been met throughout the history of the company and it continues to be achieved up to this day.


A renowned French biochemist, working in Paris for an important cosmetics firm, introduced in Spain the brand Herbal hair care products. Among them is the first line of shampoos and hair conditioners in professional format and quality for home use.

Hair care products are a real success since the consumer’s response is immediate, rapidly comparing its efficiency to those used in hair salons.

In just a few months, Herbal products conquer the shelves of the first national retail channel: perfumeries.

Following this great success, the distinguished biochemist forms an alliance with an equity partner.

The result of this is the founding in Barcelona of one of the largest factories in Spain, which goals are the expansion of the product lines and manufacturing for other brands.

Juan Antonio Canovas joins the Herbal Sales Department to lead their cosmetics and perfumery division.

The new group goes through serious economic difficulties which also affect the flourishing growth of the Herbal lines.

Juan Antonio Cánovas decides to clinch the deal of the cosmetics and hygiene division acquiring the brand and the production unit, starting a new professional stage as entrepreneur.

Herbal star products are the conditioner creams, prepared from herbal extracts, hairdresser’s quality and specialized for every hair type and need.

They quickly reach the shelves of many perfumeries and remain in the top sales ranking for several years.

An important strategic turnaround was decided and the production unit is completely dismantled in order to focus all efforts on the commercial and marketing divisions.

. Meanwhile, the brand continues to evolve and researching to create innovative hair care products.

A decisive year for Herbal. The company decides to define a clear business philosophy, oriented towards the development of products based on natural ingredients and high quality formulas with the clear aim of offering end clients high-end products which, so far , could only be available in beauty salons and hairdressers at very high prices.

The aim, is to reach consumers with quality hairlines, channelled through the mass market at affordable prices.

For this reason, Herbal Cosmetics partnership was founded under the direction of Juan Antonio Cánovas.

At the same time, the product ranges are expanded launching the first specialty hair conditioner in 1 litre formats and innovative oval packaging decorated with four-colour printed labels and innovative stamping techniques which until then were only used in luxury products.

The mix that these formulas with the highest quality ingredients and revolutionary presentation gave an unprecedented success in its category.

They were the first hair conditioners in oval labelled bottles with caps that could dispense the needed dose.

On that date, the bottles which existed on the market were cylindrical, printed directly on the container by screen printing inks and screw caps.

The company starts the body products division launching the first Herbal dermatologic gels for sensitive skin and the first 2 in 1 shampoo-gel in the market.


The first line of shampoo treatments and specific care for the mass market made of high quality plant extracts and 1 litre formats, is launched.

In February Herbal Cosmetics becomes Herbal Hispania S.L.

A new R & D Department starts in order to develop new products focused on the benefits of plants, marketing for the first time hair masks in jar format, with jojoba oil and shea butter, which were primarily a commercial success and marked a milestone in a hair masks nonexistent market.

Alongside the renewed hair conditioner and shampoo’s new large format line, a new commercial success is achieved by extending the brand to key mass market perfumery chains.

Herbal opens a new division focused on the Parapharmaceutical sector and Pharmaline brand launches in the Spanish market, with the mission to position itself as a specialist skin care brand with a natural dermo-cosmetic approach.

For this purpose, it is introduced in this segment through the launch of the Sensitive line, with the goal of helping people with severe problems associated with skin hypersensitivity such as redness or peeling.

Market launch of the first Pharmaline atopic skin’s treatment gel in perfumery channels.

Launches the first two-phase capillary hair repair 500ml marketed in FMCG.

Solar capillary line consisting of three products are launched:

    • Conditioner
    • Mask
    • Repairer

Market launch of the Bionature collection, Herbal’s more natural line.

Creation of the Herbal Cosmetics line for the comprehensive hair treatment, developed exclusively for Carrefour.

Launch of the Professional Care line, hair salon’s quality products available for the end client.

Herbal launches in Spain the first solid shampoo made with 100% natural oils, sold in the mass market.

Professional Treatment collection launches its shampoos to treat excess dandruff, grease and hair loss.

The collection of shampoo treatment is extended with two more products: No sulphates, for sensitive scalp; and Silver White for gray hair.


The XXI century marked the beginning of Herbal’s international expansion. Currently, we are present in more than twenty countries from different continents.

2005: The Mexican subsidiary of the world’s leading shopping centres, Wall-Mart, includes herbal products on their shelves.
• During the following years Herbal started its Export Department and has been penetrating markets as diverse as Southeast Asia and the Maghreb.
The expansion went as follows:
2010: Morocco and Bulgaria.
2012: Lithuania, Portugal, Iraq, South Korea and Turkey.
2013: Algeria, France, India, Gabon, Malta, Cyprus, Canada, Taiwan and Greece.
2014: Iran, Poland, Tunisia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.
2015: Egypt.